Hi! I’m Ben, and I’m a roboticist. I design, build, and experiment with robots for a living. My interests include cognitive robotics (how robots think and reason), artificial intelligence, and new ways to apply robotic systems. You can find out more about me here

I want to make the world a better place by helping create the next generation of robots, which will require advances in research and engineering. My work blends both, which you can explore in my featured projects below.

The Abstract Map
BenchBot Software Stack
Featured Posts
Creating a hibernate shortcut in Ubuntu 20.04
Getting the power button to hibernate with GNOME in Ubuntu 20.04 proved troublesome. Here's a workaround to hibernate with a key press.
Getting a hibernate button working with Ubuntu
Getting hibernate to work in Ubuntu 18.04+
Recently hibernate stopped working on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop. After spending an age last time trying to get it to work again, I thought I'd document what ended up working this time.
Hibernation in Ubuntu is worth the effort
Getting working media keys in Ubuntu 18.04+
Short post about my broken media keys on Ubuntu, and my quick fix to force their passing into Spotify.
Broken media keys in Ubuntu
Top Publications
Robot Navigation in Unseen Spaces using an Abstract Map
Talbot, Dayoub, Corke, & Wyeth
Overview of how unseen spaces are navigated using an abstract map built from the symbols embedded in human navigation cues
Multiplicative Controller Fusion: A Hybrid Navigation Strategy For Deployment in Unknown Environments
Rana, Dasagi, Talbot, Milford, & Sünderhauf
Overview of the multiplicative fusion controller for navigation in unknown environments
Residual Reactive Navigation: Combining Classical and Learned Navigation Strategies For Deployment in Unknown Environments
Rana, Talbot, Dasagi, Milford, & Sünderhauf
Visual demonstration of deploying a hybrid navigation policy for navigating unknown environments
OpenSeqSLAM2.0: An Open Source Toolbox for Visual Place Recognition under Changing Conditions
Talbot, Garg, & Milford
Snapshots of the OpenSeqSLAM2 user interface
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